About the Ace Zine Archive Project

4/8/23: The Ace Zine Archive is in transition. We’ve changed the theme of the website to prepare the way for an all new database documenting the existence of over 300 zines (so far!), including zines from 26 countries across 6 continents, in 14 languages. We have some surprises planned as well! The pages from the old version of the website are still here. Just click “Old Archive” to view them.

This is an online space dedicated to making ace and ace-related zines more accessible.

Check out our inclusion criteria and our approach to copyright.

If you are unfamiliar with asexuality or ace issues, maybe check out the 101 informational zines first.

The Ace Zine Archive Project is a work in progress and we need your help!

  • Do you know of any aces zines or zines with ace-related content we’re missing?
  • Would you like us to add your ace-related zine to this archive?
  • Would you like to get involved in the project? (e.g., reading zines, writing summaries, etc)

Contact us: ace.zine.archive@gmail.com
Submit and discuss ace-related zines & calls for submissionhttp://acezinearchive.tumblr.com/

Find out more about the AZA Curators.

[The AZA has been “live” since June, 2015]