Here’s some basic info about the people who made this resource a reality.

  • Omnes et Nihil – early 30’s, aroace, into QP relationships, long-time ace community member. Apparently I make zines? My main zine project right now is the ongoing “f-ace-ing silence” collaborative zine. Among other things, I see ace zines as time-capsules preserving moments of (certain parts of) ace community history. That’s why I think this ace zine archive is important. Luckily, my co-conspirator in this project has some serious zine-finding skills.


  • Olivia M. – I’m a 24-year-old panromantic gray-asexual zinester. I write the zines (meta)paradox, Anecdata, and Psychometry. I did a lot of the zine research for this project and contributed to making the website. I also run the Tumblr page for the project.

We encourage you to contribute to the project!