Criteria & Copyright

Inclusion Criteria

We list all zines we can find that have any ace-related content.

This means any content that explicitly mentions asexuality or the asexual spectrum in the (various) way(s) that we use those words in ace community spaces (i.e., as an identity label, or a sexual orientation, or a description for not experiencing sexual attraction and/or sexual desire, etc.) A lot of ace stuff is also aromantic spectrum (arospec) stuff.

We list zines once one of our curators confirms that there is ace-related content.

Since we have now found a number of non-ace arospec zines, we have added a collection of (not-specifically-ace) arospec-focused zines.

Are you a zine creator?

If you would like us to list your zine with ace-related content, please contact us! We are willing to host a pdf of your zine if you’d like and/or a link to where people can purchase it.

If we have listed *your* zine and you would like us to remove it from our archive, please let us know (and we’ll remove it). Even though zines are created to be read, we believe that zine creators should have a say in *who* gets to know about them.


We respect zine creators’ ownership of their work and the rights they are entitled to, and reserve for themselves, over their own creations.

Generally, the Ace Zine Archive is less of an “archive” per se and more of a “clearinghouse”. We list all the zines we can and find (i.e., logging the existence of ace zines for the purpose of  recording part of ace community history). And we provide links (if available) to where people can access these zines.

Some zine creators are trying to sell their zines online, while others post their zines online for free, while others still may be distributing only physical copies of zines (or may no longer be distributing their zines). We respect zine creators’ decisions about how they distribute their zines.

We *do not* host pdf’s of zines without permission.

We *do* host pdf’s of certain zines (with permission):

  • when we have explicit permission from the zine creators to host their files OR
  • when zines include an anti-copyright statement indicating permission to do this (e.g., “please distribute freely”)

We do use pictures of zine covers (e.g., taken from zine creators’ websites) for illustrative purposes, under Fair Use (e.g., in the U.S.A.) or Fair Dealing (e.g., in Canada). This is consistent with’s “Copyright Fair Use” policy re: the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (i.e., from the U.S.A.).

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