zine edited by Sari with editorial assistant Rachel

  • Issue #10: “Feminisms & Embodiments” full text available for purchase here (August, 2014)
    • (pp. 57-60) “Cause and Effect” (D. Crow)
      [re: coming to terms with sexual abuse in a polyamorous relationship and embracing asexuality as a means of healing]
  • Issue #12: “Feminisms & Healing” full text available for purchase here (June, 2016)
    • (pp.?) [re: an “honest and raw process of understanding asexual erasure, one’s asexuality, sexuality, and other’s reactions to it all”]
  • Issue #13: “Feminisms & Spaces” full text available for purchase here (March, 2017)
    • (pp. 17-18) “Notes on family: of interpersonal coercion & accessibility through the lens of (anarchist) relationship anarchy” (by Omnes et Nihil)

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Image taken from the editors’ website for illustration purposes under Fair Use.

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