IKI (#4) The LGBTQ+ Issue

by KatenaStudios

  • Issue #4: The LGBTQ+ Issue (May 2016) – text available here
    • (p.9) [defining asexual, aromantic, demisexual & demiromantic]
    • (pp.14-15) “Ace Categories” – This is a breakdown of 4 over-simplified romantic orientation categories, represented by a playing card.
      • Note that “theasexualityblog” created this 4-card system of categorisation (inspired by the pre-existing symbols of ace of hearts and ace of spaces) for the explicit purpose of “Ace Visibility Day” in May, 2015. (The day was widely criticised for the restrictive card system, and its name and date which capitalised on the popularity of other events). The name, date and purpose of the day have now been changed (more info here).

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