“Not-Quite-Zine” Stuff

These are things that aren’t quite zines but still belong here… people have suggested them and they’re ace-relevant! But this is not a complete (or even thorough) list of “everything else” ace-related…



  • (May 2017 — ) “The Asexual” (journal)
  • (2015) “What You See” [full colour art book / zine] by Creative Aces
    • available for purchase here
  • (2012) “Asexuality: A Brief Introduction” [extended zine / book] by AsexualtiyArchive
    • pdf available here
  • (September 2006 – July/August 2013 ; ongoing) “AVENues” [AVEN’s regular newsletter]
    • pdfs of all issues (#1-#24) available here ; archives (#1p#25) available here
    • 2017 onwards: here
    • facebook page listing issues here



  • (2013) “Coming Up Aces” by Waffleguru / Shira-chan
    • readable online here [some sexually explicit imagery]
  • Check out some more ace-related comics at the (currently inactive) Ace Comics tumblr here


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